Travel Tips for Getting Around the Atlantis Bahamas Resort

Atlantis is the heart of the Paradise Islands! Your trip to the Bahamas would be incomplete without visiting the  Atlantis resort since it’s the most beautiful place ever. There are so many things to do that you will constantly be on the move!

Tourists love the Atlantis resort because the natural environment helps you enjoythe serenity. In addition, they feel more relaxed and comfortable because the resort is beyond beautiful.

If you plan a family vacation or go on a solo trip, keep the Atlantis resort on your bucket list. As a traveler,it’s only natural that you worry about your transport issue, and you need to choose a trusted travel and tour company.

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Expert Tips for an Excellent Trip to the Atlantis Resort

If you have never been to the Bahamas, you must be looking for travelling tips tohave the time of your time of life. However, as a tourist, you have to be extra careful and take proper measures to make your trip memorable.

1. Do Your Budgeting

The Atlantis resort is expensive! So, make sure you plan your holidays and do your cost calculations. Ensure you check the expenses of the places you are planning to visit and the services you want to avail yourself of at the Atlantis resort. Take some extra money with you because you don’t want to run out of cash during your holidays. 

But don’t worry about the transportation expenditure because Bramar transport offers super-affordable packages. But, of course, it all depends on your choice of whether you want to hire a cab or a private car. Being a leading Bahamas private transportation service provider, we have an extensive fleet of cars for you to choose from.

2. Learn More about the Resort

If you have already made up your mind regarding your visit to the Atlantis resort, thenit’d be best to familiarize yourself with the resort. We say this because the resort is so huge that often people get overwhelmed with the variety of things they can do there.

So, try to understand the map and mark the places you want to visit.The people in the Bahamas are indeed helpful, but it is better to know about the place you are visiting.

3. Plan Your Accommodations

There are five different hotel towers in the Atlantis: The Reef, Cove, Royal, Beach, and Coral. Moreover, there are also apartment-style villas along with the Harborside Resort. Do check the cost of each place before booking and the reviews of the place.

So, when you arrive at the Islands, you already know which hotel you have to visit. Think of all the time and energy you’ll save!

4. Take Your Essential Medicines

You must take your medicines with you. Even if you are well, do keep them in your luggage. You never know the changes in the atmosphere can impact your health. Thus, if you do not have your medicines, you will stay sick, and your whole trip will be affected.

Moreover, take the medicines you consume daily and take cough, flu, and fever medicines.

5. Book Your Transport

As a tourist, you should book your transport even before you arrive. You need to make your safety a priority. Even though the Bahamas Islands are safe, it’s always a good idea to take precautions.

At Bramar, we provide safe and secure traveling services. We havediverse options of vehicles to choose from. Whether you want to book a private car, a cab, bus, or either a limousine, we’ve got you covered! Yes, we offer secure and luxurious services as well.

 Moreover, we also offer private transportation from the Nassau Airport to the Atlantis, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We don’t only keep you safe, but we also keep your belongings safe. Our drivers will never leave you alone. Moreover, you will save plenty of time if you book us before you arrive.

6. Delicious Food Options

Bahamian food is excellent as it combines American and Caribbean food. So, there are a lot of food options in the Bahamas Islands. The Bahamian cuisine is full of flavor, and you cannot miss eating it.

Casual dining options, fine dining options, bars and lounges, and bakeries are all available at the Atlantis Resort. So, make sure you carry out your research and keep your bucket list ready when you visit the Island.

Let our drivers know about your food preferences if you want to explore the food scene in the Bahamas on a general level or even just within the Atlantis. Then, they can take you to some of the finest restaurants. Yes! They have immense knowledge about the best food places. This way, you can visit some of the finest places without much hassle. 

7. Travel Guide

If you are visiting the islands for the first time, make sure you contact a good travel guide. As mentioned earlier, the Bahamas is generally considered safe, but you can still get lost if you visit the islands for the first time. So, don’t take the risk, and choose the best travel guide if you want to make sure that your holidays are enjoyable.

If you choose to travel with Bramar’s private schedule, you don’t have to worry about the travel guide. Yes, our drivers are not mere drivers, but they are travel guides.

In addition to that, they can suggest some of the best places to you while keeping you safe. They can also look after your belongings if you’d like. Also, don’t stress out; we have multilingual drivers, so language problems are not an issue.


Moreover, make sure that you pre-plan everything, so you get to enjoy your holidays from day one. Follow the tips given above if you want to make your trip memorable.

Bramar Transport is the most trusted transportation company in the Bahamas. They offer flexible packages, and the drivers are super friendly. So, leave the stress of your transportation behind when you choose the safest travel company. Thus, make your tour more memorable and safe and enjoy your time off like never before.