Things To Do In The Nassau Bahamas

If you plan to visit the Bahamas Island for vacation this year, there are loads of fun things to do in Nassau, Bahamas. The destination is easily reachable through Southwest Airlines. Moreover, you can use your Southwest Companion Pass to minimize your budget. If you wonder what to do in Nassau, Bahamas, here is a detailed guide to all the activities.

Since Nassau, Bahamas is near the United States, and you are just a one-hour flight away. The biggest city in the Bahamas, Nassau, is far from just a moving stone to new destinations. It is considered a home to the great Nassau Bahamas activities.

Furthermore, approximately 65 percent of the population of the Bahamas is located in Nassau. This makes it a great place to carry out fun activities.

Additionally, the things to do in the Nassau Bahamas include visiting galleries, stopping at libraries and museums, and visiting the local parks. The gorgeous seashores welcome those who are looking for some sun and water sports.

Nassau is also home to the local culture with several nightclubs, landmarks, and souvenir marketplaces. The visitors can anticipate devoting a decent amount of time to this Bahamian heaven!

Apart from the beaches and islands on Nassau, it is easy to oversee the resorts’ culture. However, even if you decide not to stay at the resorts, you can still devote a day to relaxing by the public beach.

Eleven Things To Do In The Nassau Bahamas

There are loads of fun things to do in Nassau Bahamas, from botanic gardens to reserved islands, duty-free shopping to dreamy beaches. Let us look at eleven things to do in the Nassau Bahamas:

1. Visit Government House

Located on Duke Street, Nassau, the government house was built in 1801. However, it was renovated in 1929 after the hurricane destroyed the building. This splendid pink castle on Mount Fitzwilliam is the formal house of the Bahamas’ Governor-General.

The government house is built with stone and maintained by ionic pillars. In addition, the building is a notable sample of Georgian Regal construction.

In addition, you can also witness a statue of Christopher Columbus at the entrance, which was made in 1830. Currently, the tourists can turn in the opposite direction to the complex and relish stunning views of Paradise Island. Moreover, the teenagers can enjoy observing the guard changing ceremony, which takes place twice a month.

2. Downtown and Bay Street

Bay Street is known as the heart of the Bahamian capital Nassau. It is situated Downtown and is filled with restaurants and shops.

Downtown and Bay Street is a bustling mix of eateries and duty-free shops, from shopping to enjoying local fares. Additionally, cruise ship travelers drive here to purchase costume jewelry, T-shirts, and fragrances. Moreover, you will also discover the grass market, adventurers, and Nassau Museum all through the trip.

However, the street vendors can be hostile here, particularly when a wave of visitors stops from a boat, but a steady “no thank you” can do the trick.

3. Paradise Island

Paradise Island, also known as smaller New Providence Island, is situated off the Nassau coast. It is linked by two street channels that mount into the Nassau prospect. Moreover, Paradise Island can be easily reached by highway or cruise from the downtown beachfront.

Paradise Island offers the best Nassau Bahamas activities where you can have fun, enjoyment, and a family voyage. Furthermore, it is home to the extensive resort in the Atlantis Bahamas. It landscapes clean white sandy seashores, the Aquaventure Waterpark, a nightclub, a shopping walkway, a consultation center, and a golf club.

In addition, it offers five-star and seven-star hotels such as the Ocean Club. These hotels have featured in the James Bond movies in 2006.

4. Day Trips to Exuma

Another thing to do in the Nassau Bahamas is to visit Exuma Islands to view swimming domestic animals at Big Major Cay. It is also known as Pigs Beach.

You can take a day trip to Exuma with BahamasAir and hover to Big Major Cay for the eventual outing day trip. Moreover, you can also swim with sharks and pigs at Compass Cay Marina in.

5. Heritage Village at Graycliff

The Heritage Village at Graycliff is situated in the archaeologically conserved Mountbatten House opposite West Hill Street.

Additionally, you can run along West Hill Street to reach Graycliff Hotel. Moreover, the other historical thing to do here is to visit the Inheritance Museum of the Bahamas, which was built in 2014. Furthermore, you can also visit the Graycliff Cigar Corporation, Bahamas Containers wine tasting, and Graycliff Chocolatier.

6. Pompey Museum

The Pompey Museum was entitled to the integrity of a spirited 18th-century enslaved person, Pompey, who existed on the Rolle Farm on Steventon, Exuma.

Moreover, the museum of suppression and freedom takes the weight off your feet. Additionally, it is located between the downtown waterfronts and the Nassau Straw Market near Pompey Square. The construction essentially dates back to the 1700s, formerly a souk building.

7. Pirates of Nassau

Another fun thing to do in Nassau, Bahamas, includes the visit to Pirates of Nassau. It is the only shared pirate knowledge in Nassau. However, the Pirates of Nassau will take you in the past to 1716 and the time of lifting. This makes it the most vital thing to do in the Bahamas.

Moreover, it is decorated with many exciting displays and reformations. Additionally, tourists can practice the Golden Age of Piracy. This practice started in 1969 when penury Henry Every carried the ship and enticed native officials to establish the fact that pirates could function securely. 

8. Festival Place

The main cruise harbor terminal with an open-air shopping area is a Festival Place in the Bahamas. This is where you can buy souvenirs, arrange local tours, and eat native Bahamian cuisines. However, it is an exciting place even if you are not traveling from a boat.

9. Queen’s Staircase

Located the Elizabeth Avenue, Nassau, the Queen’s Staircase was censored by enslaved people into hard sandstone in the early 18th century. On the other hand, the sixty-six staircase known as the Queen’s Staircase was known to give the troops a secure entrance to Fort Fincastle.

More than 100 years later, the steps were named to admire Queen Victoria and her part in eliminating slavery in the Nassau, Bahamas.

Currently, the tourists can escalate this astonishing feat of building as they hike the steep staircase, now edged by a freezing waterfall and steamy plants. The steps will lead the visitors to Fort Fincastle, the uppermost point on the isle.

10. Clifton Heritage National Park

The park offers a little for each age visitor, such as history, art, music, literature, natural attractiveness, and calmness.

So, you can take a direct trip along the tracks and steep some history. Moreover, you can study the Loyalists, the Lucayans, and the Africans. These three significant traditions brand the Bahamas an attractive holiday destination. Moreover, you can discover the fragments of townships, farmsteads, and slave lodgings.

Additionally, you will also find a curative garden there. You can walk the twisting tracks through diverse tropical environments. The best things present here are beach marshes, stony cliffs, hills, coral bars, and an attractive portion of the beach. Along the way, you can guard striding birds, songbirds, and seabirds.

Furthermore, the Clifton Heritage National Park is located on the western angle of the New Providence Isle. The drive from Nassau to the park is approximately 25 minutes.

Furthermore, several tourists reserve a direct trip here. But you can also travel to this park on your own. However, there is a small entry fee and a discrete charge for scuba diving.

11. Cable Beach

Cable Beach, located on Paradise Island, is just eleven minutes away from the Nassau airport. It is known as the best beach in the Bahamas. Moreover, it deals with a mile of white and pink clean sand, pure glistening waters, and a wide range of water activities, including jet skiing and parasailing.

Additionally, you can stay at Warwick Paradise Island, three miles away from the port. Additionally, it is approximately one and a half kilometers long, and you can discover a spot for fun activities manually. So, you need to make sure to bring in your clothes, lounge seats, and a sun umbrella.

Major Attractions in Nassau Bahamas

The major attraction in Nassau Bahamas for different Nassau Bahamas Activities include:

  • Eleuthera Island
  • Pink Sand Beaches
  • Devil’s Backbone
  • Dunmore Town
  • Shopping
  • Dean’s Blue Hole
  • Clarence Town
  • Fishing
  • Tahiti Beach
  • Green Turtle Cay

Where to Stay in Nassau Bahamas for Exploring

If you are visiting Nassau for the first time, the best place to stay to enjoy the view is on Paradise Island near Atlantis. You can stay along the clean white and pink sands of Cable Beach. Accordingly, the Nassau Downtown is fascinating, such as the duty-free shops, straw market, and the Domestic Art Gallery.

However, let us look at some best hotels in Nassau, Bahamas:

▪ Luxury Hotels

The Cove at Atlantis Resort is the most comfortable hotel on Palm Island. The visitors here notch entry to a high-class grownups pool, seashore club, and the other fun Atlantis temptations.

Moreover, the solitary beach-facing accommodation in the Bahamas’ core is the British Colonial Hilton. It is rated as a five-star hotel with the most points for its suitable location near the duty-free shops and other downtown fascinations.

However, it is the best pick for couples who would love to visit the famous Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort, Cable Beach, and Offshore Isle, with a reserved island at comprehensive rates.

▪ Mid-Range Hotels

Next to the Atlantis, the luxury suites are the most common mid-range accommodation on Paradise Island. The rates value for money and include entrance into the Atlantis charms.

Moreover, it is located right on Cable Beach. The comprehensive Breezes Resort and Salon is an excessive choice for tourists looking for a little sea, sun, and sand without teenagers. However, only kids older than fourteen years are given access to the hotel.

Moreover, the travelers visiting the Bahamas for the prevalent Atlantis waterpark, Aquaventure, are adjacent to The Beach at Atlantis.

▪ Budget Hotels

In Nassau, Bahamas, even economic accommodations can be high-priced than travelers’ expectations. However, the Bay View Suites on the Paradise Isle is a suitable option for visitors who are looking to self-cater. Moreover, it is situated at Atlantis, on a 10-minute walk.

Fun Things to Do In Nassau Bahamas

The major activities to try on the trip to Nassau, Bahamas include:

  • Sailing
  • Scenic Underwater Bubble Adventure
  • Day Trips
  • Snorkeling
  • Nightclubs
  • Wildlife Trips
  • Fishing
  • Yachting
  • Deep-Sea Diving
  • Hiking

Bramar Services in Nassau Bahamas

All the things mentioned above can help you make your trip memorable in the Nassau Bahamas. Moreover, you have plenty of fun things to do in Nassau, Bahamas that can make your trip worth the money.

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