5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Exuma Bahamas

The Bahamas has become a popular destination for tourists, and with good reason! Did you know that this place also happens to be where they shot not just one but two James Bond movies?

Cool, right? Exuma Bahamas offers you the perfect chance to escape from your daily routine. It is the place to go if you want to experience paradise. Several people worry about handling their transportation once they are in Exuma, but you don’t have to stress out. Bramar Transport offers professional  Exuma Bahamas transportation services that will cater to all your needs. If you are looking for a private cab in Exuma, Bahamas, we do provide that as well.

Bramar transport also offers luxurious transportation in Exuma, Bahamas that will make your trip super memorable. Here are five reasons why this is the ideal beach location!

Five Reasons You Need to Know

Read the reasons below and plan your trip to Exuma today. Make sure you book a safe ride from the airport to Exuma, Bahamas, by contacting Bramar transport only. Let’s look at the reasons now.

1. The Island of Swimming Pigs

We are sure you must have heard many stories about how the pigs learned to swim but let us tell you the real story. Due to the lieu of Y2K, locals of Exuma Island thought that if online systems were shut down, there would be a shortage of edibles on the island. Thus, some people thought they should send a few pigs to nearby islands for breeding.

Thus, each day some people would come to feed them. Soon pigs understood the sound of boat engines. They knew that they would get their food whenever boats arrived.

Shortly after, they swam towards every boat, resulting in an exciting sight. You cannot miss out on the experience because we bet you do not want to miss out on the experience.

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2. Clearest Water in The World

Bahamians take pride in saying that the water of the Bahamas islands is the clearest! Approximately 360 islands make up the Bahamas, and every island is surrounded by clear water, and the sight is beyond beautiful.

Simply put, it looks as if the ocean is filled with crystal water at the Exumas islands. You might have been to the prettiest Islands, but the Exuma Islands water is far by the clearest. Moreover, when you anchor your boat, you can see the tiniest objects underwater. 

In addition to that, your trip can be luxurious if you visit this island. Don’t worry,Bramar transport provides complete Exuma, Bahamas transportation services. So, plan your trip today!

3. Snorkeling the Sea

The blue water in the Exumas is so clear that you can literally wear your pair of goggles and snorkel everywhere you go. Due to the clarity of the sapphire blue water, you can easily spot diverse marine life.

If you love the sea, you should visit the island to get exciting information about the reefs, sea slugs, turtles, tropical fish, and others.

This island is also a favorite destination of filmmakers because the sapphire blue water surrounds the limestone island, so the view is breathtaking. There is a large hallow cavern with holes in the ceilings, so the whole cave lightens up when the sun shines.

Snorkeling next to the beautiful fish and exploring the beautiful cave can be reasons enough to book your tickets. Additionally, you may book your private cab services in Exuma, Bahamas, and enjoy your trip.

4. Swim with Sharks

Do not be terrified at all, as the sharks of the Exuma Islands are harmless. Yes, do not miss out on this adventure because you will not get to experience this anywhere else.

The nurse sharks are known as “slowly moving bottom feeders”, and they prefer eating squid and shrimps. They have small but strong jaws, so do not irritate or provoke them because they can be a little defensive if you do not respect them. 

Other than that, you do not have to worry about anything else because people have enjoyed swimming with them. If you are looking for luxury transportation in Exuma, Bahamas, to reach the islands, Bramar transport is here.

5. The Mile-Long Sandbar

The mile-long sandbar is also known as the Big Farmer’s Cay Sandbar, Copperfield Sandbar, and Musha Cay Sandbar. 

The most incredible thing about the sandbar is that the water is only knee-deep, so you can walk for miles without having to swim. The walk can be so relaxing that you will forget about all your worries.

If you like, you can also go shell searching. The crystal clear water here will help you find the shells easily. Apart from the water, the sugary white sand is beyond beautiful.


We hope you have already planned your Exuma Island trip because your Bahamas island tour will be incomplete if you do not visit the islands. So, ensure that you visit this place and make your tour memorable.

Moreover, you can either take your significant other or your family. We bet you will not regret it. Your trip to the Exuma islands will surely be a memorable one because there are so many activities which will keep you entertained.

Do not forget to book your ride from the airport to Exuma, Bahamas, before you arrive! Thus, avoid the hassle of looking for a cab when you arrive because your time is precious. So, only explore the islands.