Everything About Average Cost Of Vacation to Bahamas

Visiting the Bahamas is like visiting a piece of heaven on earth! The crystal clear water and exotic resorts have a lot to offer. If you love crystal clear water and sandy beaches, the Bahamas Island is just the place for you.

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Are you planning your family trip to the Bahamas?   Calculating the cost of travel to the Bahamas? But worried about the cost of the trip to the Bahamas? Then let us tell you the Bahamas is not an expensive place, and you do not have to break your bank if you plan your trip smartly.

Vacation Cost Of Vacation In Bahamas

Are you wondering how much does it cost to travel to the Bahamas? When you are looking to map out a budget plan for your family vacation to the island, you need to analyze the cost of several things.
Therefore, ask yourself whether you want a luxurious trip and calculate the cost of a trip to the Bahamas accordingly.

Cost of Flying to the Bahamas

The Bahamas has forty-one airports, and twenty-four of them are international airports. The flight expenses depend on the airline you choose and during which time of the year you decide to fly.
Yes, flights during the summer season are expensive, so do keep this factor in mind. The main departure points from the United States to the Bahamas are California, Chicago, New York, and Miami. The primary condition of traveling to the Bahamas is that your passport should be valid for at least six months.
Let us give you the average estimated cost of flying, so you know how much money is needed.

  • If you travel from Miami to Nassau, the average cost will be around 460 dollars.
  • If you are traveling from Chicago, your average cost will be around 520 dollars.
  • Flight from New York to Nassau will cost you approximately 534 dollars.

If you still find it expensive, a good tip would be to book your flight at least forty-seven days before and avoid going to the islands from November- to January.

The Cost of Hotels

It would help if you looked for a comfortable hotel where you can relax, and one that won’t be far from clubs or restaurants. You don’t want to spend half of your time traveling to and fro from all the hot places in town, right? So, calculate the Bahamas trip cost before you arrive.
The average cost of a good hotel in the Bahamas is approximately 130$ per night. This makes up approximately 900$ per week. But if you choose to stay at a luxurious hotel, the average cost can increase up to 3000$ per week.
Moreover, make sure to check the hotel prices and do the budgeting from your end. Thus, at the end of the day, the decision to travel is yours.
It would help if you decide the places you want to visit and check the hotels to get a perfect idea about the expenses. For example, Royal Islander Hotel, Jubilee Garden Apartments, and Nassau Towne Hotel are some of the budget-friendly hotels of the Bahamas.

The Cost of Meals

Wondering how much you need to travel to the Bahamas? Don’t worry! Meals are not expensive. Thus, if you love seafood, then visit the Bahamas! The place offers some of the best seafood as fresh and tasty food. The average lunch cost of an adult person is around 18 dollars, and breakfast is cheaper. But if you want to eat luxurious food, the cost will be around 45-50 dollars per day. Some of the famous restaurants in the Bahamas are Cleveland, Beach Club, Robinson’s Seafood Delight, and Cafe Matisse. So, our advice is to keep a few extra dollars just if you want to try something extra.

Transportation in the Bahamas

As a tourist, your trip will be incomplete if you do not collaborate with a transport company before your visit, you will face problems. Therefore, when you decide on your budget, please ensure that you keep in mind the traveling costs.
The few modes of transportation in the Bahamas are bus, car, taxi, etc. If you are riding a bus in Nassau, it will cost you around 1. 25, which is relatively cheap. But please note that Nassau and Freeport are the only islands that offer bus services.
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If you hire a private cab from another company, it will cost you around 70 dollars per day, but Bramar transport values your trip and is ready to offer high-quality cab services in cheaper packages. So, your Bahamas trip cost becomes affordable.


We hope you now you are fully aware of the Bahamas Vacation cost! So are you ready to pack your bags and ready to spend your holidays in the Bahamas?
The Bahamas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places you should visit after calculating the cost of the trip to the Bahamas. The good news is that it is not expensive if you plan your budget before your visit. Thus, making it a fantastic place for family vacations. We are confident that it will become your favorite trip because you do not have to break a bank for this trip.