Best Beaches In Nassau Bahamas

The Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of Florida. It is a standard holiday spot owing to its continuous warm climate and natural beauty all around the year. The center of the Bahamas is Nassau, which lies on the 21-mile-long isle of New Providence. Adjacent to Nassau is Paradise Island which is reachable through Nassau Harbor.

The island is busy with nightspots and nightclubs. Additionally, it has a variety of the best beaches in the world. Sun, sand, and calm sea breezes will delight you when you travel to Nassau, Bahamas.

The Bahamas isle is a center for great food, open-air fun, and entertainment. The beaches in Nassau will not leave any of your cravings unfulfilled. Even in the new compactly settled capital, the beaches in Nassau Bahamas practically assure you will discover a spring of unique sand that will make your list of the top beaches in Nassau Bahamas.

The clean white sand and brittle blue and green waters are just beautiful. To make sure that your next trip to the Nassau Bahamas is even more pleasant, we have made a list of the best beaches in Nassau!

What Is The Best Beach To Go To In Nassau, Bahamas?

Cabbage Beach is the best choice for public beaches in Nassau, Bahamas. Cabbage Beach is a deluxe beach located near the Atlantis holiday center. It is popular for swimming, skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, and even enjoying the sights.

When you dive between labeled flags, you will be beneath the contemplation of the Atlantis beach attendants. The coast is an attractive, varied stretch of white sand crossing more than two miles of seashore.

Where Is The Clearest Water In The Bahamas?

The clearest water in the Bahamas is Big Major Cay, Exumas. It is home to more than 365 desert islands and a profusion of gem clear Caribbean marine. The visitors are even allowed to swim with the domestic animals at the Exumas beach.

The Exumas beach is so pure and blue since it has little incidence of substances; it is comparatively narrow, so the peak of the light is imitated. Therefore, visitors can see beautiful blue clear water.

What Is The Prettiest Beach In The Bahamas?

The prettiest beach in the Bahamas is Grand Bahamas Island. It is the northern best of the Bahamas islands and is a preferred destination for tourists and cruise ships from all over the world. Freeport, one of the major towns in the Bahamas, is a prosperous tropical forecourt. However, Port Lucaya has exceeded it as a visitor endpoint for shopping, feasting, and entertaining.

The visitors can shop original jewels and stubble artistries from the Port Lucaya souk or explore the port. Moreover, Grand Bahamas Island is home to wide-ranging subaquatic cave structures in the Lucayan National Park.

Top Ten Best Beaches In Nassau Bahamas

1. Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is known as the best beach in Nassau, Bahamas. It is the most prevalent beach located on Paradise Isle. Moreover, it deals with miles of clean white sand, pure sparkly waters, and a diversity of entertaining ventures like parasailing or jet skiing.

With clean white sand and bright blue sea waters, you would get a sense of paradise. In addition, it is more than one kilometer long, and you can locate a spot manually. So, you need to have your clothes, lounge seats, and a sun umbrella.

Facts about Cabbage Beach

  • Position of Cabbage Beach – Paradise Island
  • Driving Time to Cabbage Beach – Eleven Minutes
  • Distance from the Harbor – Three Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Warwick Paradise Island

2. Adelaide Beach

Adelaide beach is located on the west adjacent to the island. It is an extensive and discreet beach, considered perfect for privacy and comfort. Aquatic sports do not flood it, so it is the best place if you are looking to enjoy the serene ambiance.

However, Adelaide Beach is not on the top of most visitors’ radar list. But this can be counted as both, a drawback or a bonus, subject to your vision. Furthermore, on the south horizontal of New Providence Isle within the small town of Adelaide, the seashore here is extensive and essentially vacant during the week.

On weekends it is common for native citizens, who hang out beneath the dark trees to play dominoes, hang on to composition, consume beers, and plunge in the warm, pure waters. Adelaide is more like the Out Islands instead of Nassau, Bahamas.

Facts about Adelaide Beach

  • Position of Adelaide Beach – Southwest Of Cruise Port
  • Driving Time to Adelaide Beach – 34 Minutes
  • Distance from the Harbor – 15 Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Courtyard by Marriott Nassau Downtown

3. Coral Harbor Beach

Coral Harbor Beach is an emergent coast in the city center zone. It could be an isolated beach, with the bush line virtually getting towards the beach. Although Coral Harbor Beach is a hectic beach, it is considered a great place for hangouts and picnics. Numerous native stalls are situated along the beach to sell cocktails and modern Bahamian dishes.

Additionally, the beautiful Fort Montagu is situated neighboring Coral Harbor Beach. In addition to soothing on the coast, you can also relish horseback riding and going fishing.

Facts about Coral Harbor Beach

  • Position of Coral Harbor Beach Southwest of the Cruise Port
  • Driving time to Coral Harbor Beach Thirty minutes
  • Distance from the Harbor – Fifteen miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Coral Harbor Beach House & Villas

4. Cable Beach

Perhaps the best beach in Nassau, Bahamas, is Cable Beach. It is situated around six miles west of the town and the cruise harbor. Cable Beach is an impeccable spot for folks with teenagers. The pure blue water is shallow, and the teenagers can participate in several activities.

Cable beach is prevalent with citizens and possesses a volleyball courtyard. You can lease sprawl chairs and swim gear from the inhabitants. Several resorts are also present in Cable Beach that sell day permits to tourists consisting of drinks, food, and a shelter on the beach. Moreover, retailers hang out on the coast trying to sell you a shirt or a band.

Facts about Cable Beach

  • Position of Cable Beach West of the cruise port
  • Driving time to Cable Beach Seventeen minutes
  • Distance from the Harbor – six miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Sandals Royal Bahamian

5. Jaws Beach

Jaws beach is sheltered beyond and beneath the water as a fragment of the Clifton Heritage Park domain. This is an entirely remote coast, virtually deserted, with white sand and unsteady flanges.

Trees offer shadow and along with the shallow water, it makes it a decent choice for children. You need to bring snacks and drinks as it is distant from any such amenities. Exhibits understand the aquatic environment, and tracks lead to significant sites.

Since it is distant from the inner city, it is considered a beach to go to drip with the thousands of other crafts and travelers who are looking to spend the day on the isle.

Facts about Jaws Beach

  • Position of Jaws Beach Far West End Of The Island
  • Driving Time to Jaws Beach Thirty-Three Minutes
  • Distance from The Harbor – Sixteen Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Green Oaks Villa

6. Goodman’s Bay Beach

Goodman’s Bay Beach is one more common beach with travel passengers staying at Nassau. This beach is also known as a home to the United States of America embassy, which can benefit you if you misplace or drop your passport.

Facts about Goodman’s Bay Beach

  • Position of Goodman’s Bay Beach – West Of Cruise Port
  • Driving Time to Goodman’s Bay Beach – Eleven Minutes
  • Distance from The Harbor – Four Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Green Oaks Villa

7. Love Beach

Love Beach is a small beach that is a bumpy drive towards the west of the cruise port. It is well-known for the act in James Bond’s Thunderball. It is also a pleasant place for a romantic day, and the blue waters and white sand make the stay beautiful.

There is a cottage on the coast with refreshments and bizarre drinks. Moreover, if you are fond of water, Love Beach is an excellent place to dive off the coast.

Facts about Love Beach

  • Position of Love Beach – West Of Cruise Port
  • Driving Time to Love Beach – Twenty-Four Minutes
  • Distance from The Harbor – Eleven Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Compass Point Beach Resort

8. Junkanoo Beach

The most popular destination among visitors on West Bay Street is Junkanoo Beach. Although the desert island has pleasant natives, they are not likely to be available on the coast to distract you.

You can participate in various activities, including swimming in the crystal-clear waters and enjoying a dreamy ramble on the white sand. Moreover, a local food truck setup alongside Junkanoo Beach offers local tickets for conch and isle beer. Additionally, you can visit the cruise ship dock from Junkanoo Beach at any time of the day.

Facts about Junkanoo Beach

  • Position of Junkanoo Beach – West Of Cruise Port
  • Driving Time to Junkanoo Beach – Six Minutes (Fifteen Minutes Walk)
  • Distance from The Harbor – One and a Half Miles
  • Suggested Hotel – Courtyard by Marriott Nassau

9. Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach, located six kilometers east of Cable Beach, has its presence on the north coast of New Providence. Green tropical trees encircle the white sand area and the calm blue waters.

When you visit Saunders Beach, you will find more local islanders on the coast instead of tourists. This is specifically true for trips and long weekends. Moreover, this beach is considered to be the safest beach in Nassau, Bahamas, due to the existence of security guards on the beach.

However, if you are looking for a quiet place, Saunders Beach may not be a good option as it is usually very crowded and busy.

Facts about Saunders Beach

  • Position of Saunders Beach – West Of Cruise Port
  • Driving Time to Saunders Beach – Nine Minutes
  • Distance from The Harbor – Four Miles
  • Suggested Hotel at Saunders Beach – Oasis Retreat

10. Blue Lagoon Island Beach

The last beach on our list is the Blue Lagoon Island Beach, which is not situated on the island of Nassau. However, this beach is easily reachable by boat and is exceptionally popular for visitors. 

The prices for this tour may vary greatly. But mostly, the trip to this beach costs as low as $75 each (including lunch and snacks). Moreover, the dolphin swim costs approximately $180 each. You are granted approximately three to four hours on the beach.

Besides the blue waters and white sand, Blue Lagoon Beach also has slides and a lazy river. All these make it perfect for kids and teenagers.

Facts about Blue Lagoon Beach

  • Position of Blue Lagoon Beach– Off the coast of Paradise Island
  • Driving Time to Blue Lagoon Beach – Five Minutes
  • Distance from The Harbor – Five Miles
  • Suggested Hotel at Blue Lagoon Beach – The Ocean Club

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