Bahamas Vacation Luxury Hotels

The Bahamas is commonly considered a paradise on earth. It has everything an island should have, including attractive views, pure blue-green waters, clean white sand, seashore resorts, entertaining water sports, beaches with domestic animals, luxury hotels in Nassau Bahamas, etc.

Moreover, visiting the Bahamas can dissolve all your problems even if for a short while. All these features help in keeping the Bahamas ahead of the game.

If you intend to tour the Nassau Bahamas, the basic objective is to relax on the seashore. However, you do not need to be amazed to add a few more events to your journey.

Why Travel to the Bahamas?

With more than 750 islands and resorts, there is typically an island suitable for every tourist. From exploring the oceans to swimming with the pigs, the vacations in the Bahamas offer an adventure at every turn.

If you want to plan a family vacation in the summers, then the Bahamas is a perfect option! Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is typically known as the best place to soak up sunlight.

With more than 1500 beaches to relish between the islands, there is no deficiency of prospects to switch your mood. It is truly the best holiday place when you are looking to book a tour of the Caribbean Region.

But there is much more to this Caribbean Region than just attractive beaches and wide-ranging resorts! The Bahamas is 299 miles southeast of Florida, United States, and it is a state rich in art, music, literature, and natural glory.

From swimming with pigs to the sparkling Junkanoo fiestas, there is something for every individual touring the Bahamas. Moreover, there are several ways to spend your vacations in the Bahamas, whether you are fascinated by ecotourism, home-based rent payments, hitchhiking, or anything else.

Best Time to Visit the Bahamas

The peak season for vacations in the Bahamas is from November to March. This is because the weather is essentially impeccable during these months. However, the islands in the Bahamas are surrounded by the storm belt, so it is better to avoid the place between April and October. The storm can ruin your trip.

On the other hand, loads of tourists make their way to this place during November and March due to a perfect winter and spring weather. Moreover, the prices for Bahamas Vacation Luxury Hotels and air tickets are more than usual, and the islands are filled with hundreds and thousands of visitors.

Fortunately, the waves rolling against the white clean sandy beaches make the trip value for money.

What to Expect in the Bahamas

1. Language in the Bahamas

The certified language of the Bahamas is English, and mainstream inhabitants speak it in their own language dialect. However, the residents speak the English language with a Bahamian dialect that has given birth to several distinctive slang phrases.

2. Currency

Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is the authorized currency of the Bahamas and is equal to 1 United States Dollar (USD). This exchange rate of BSD to USD makes everything extremely simple to recognize and makes the math easy.

3. Electric Sockets In the Bahamas

The electric socket types in the Bahamas are type A and type B, and the regular power is 120 Volts (Approximately 2400 Watts / 20 Amps). Moreover, the typical frequency is 60 Hz (Approximately 600 Watts).

If you are visiting the Bahamas from the United States of America, you do not need a connector or converter. However, it would be best to buy a universal adapter and use a connector for hair dryers and other electronic items.

4. ATMs & Credit Cards in the Bahamas

The best thing about the Bahamas is that credit cards are commonly accepted at most restaurants, resorts, beaches, and guesthouses. Moreover, ATMs are also accepted widely all over the Bahamas.

Furthermore, you can easily find an ATM on bigger isles such as Paradise Desert island and New Providence Island. However, if you are touring Out Desert Island, you may find it difficult to locate an ATM.

5. Safety in the Bahamas

The safety and security of the Bahamas vary on the island. The Bahamas is covered by more than 750 islands, which is why it is difficult to comment on the country’s safety.

For instance, Nassau has reported multiple cases. Yet on Out Desert Island, the criminal and illegal activities are reported far less. To dodge the crime, practice carefulness over any valuables, you carry with you to the Bahamas.

Best Vacation Luxury Hotels In the Bahamas

The Bahamas has been recognized as the best place to visit for summer vacations by The Globe, New York Times, Fodor, and ‘Frommer’s travel guide. Moreover, it has also received several awards, including:

  • ‘Readers’ Choice Award
  • Caribbean ‘Journal’s Travelers’ Choice Award
  • Condé Nast Traveler’s 2019
  • Best Caribbean Golf Destination
  • Best Caribbean Meetings Destination

From swimming with domestic animals to the clean sandy beaches, the Bahamas has loads of activities. Moreover, several activities produce unlimited memories and the greatest stories. Whether you are scheduling a visit to the Bahamas with friends or you are looking to visit with the family, each day is filled with action and enjoyment. Let us look at a few best Luxury Hotels in Nassau, Bahamas:

1. The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

The Ocean Club Bahamas is famous for filming one of James Bond’s movies. So, it might look familiar when you enter the hotel. Today, several hotels emphasize on the structure and design and contain numerous trees for decoration. In addition, your vacation to the Bahamas is certain to feel like heaven on earth. You will appreciate the luxurious grass and palm trees combined with blue-green crystal clear waters from your enormous courtyard. The Ocean Club Bahamas include more than 125 villas, including lodges and cottages. Additionally, there is a suite named Ocean Club Four Seasons for visitors. The luxury villas are best for couples and visitors traveling on honeymoon. You can fulfill your desolate dreams in vital secrecy. In addition, the luxury accommodations contain an isolated beach stripe with a reserved infinity swimming pool. If your family includes teenagers, you can still have a good time visiting the Ocean Club Bahamas. The Luxury Hotel in Nassau Bahamas offers babysitting amenities, and a five-star teens club will ensure they are occupied. All curved wing collections are efficient and have eye-catching ocean sights. In addition, the Hartford division has ocean and garden sights where you can sit back and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Moreover, if you book the hotel in November, you can receive $250 to $500 hotel credits (as a discount) that can be used during your stay.

Facts about The Ocean Club

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $1480 (2 Adults)
  • Location of the Ocean Club – One Ocean Drive, Paradise Island
  • Distance from the Harbor – Five Kilometers

2. Rosewood Baha Mar

Rosewood Baha Mar, located on Cable Beach, Nassau, is one of the best Bahamas vacation luxury hotels. Moreover, the distance from the port is approximately eleven kilometers. It is best known for its water sports and other reasonably priced activities.

The Rosewood Baha Mar has a golf course, tennis court, and salon. In addition, the hotel has an open-air swimming pool and a gym. Each suite in the hotel is well-ventilated and offers professional butler services. The lounges in the hotel have designated seating and a flat-display television.

Furthermore, all rooms and complements have an isolated, open-air courtyard or walkway. In addition to all this, the hotel also offers private restrooms with luxurious bathrobes, slippers, and deluxe toiletries.

The visitors can eat food in the in-house cafeteria or relax in the bar. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi in all community areas. The visitors can also come to the reception to ask anything regarding the area of the hotel. In addition, the international airport at Nassau is just fifteen minutes away from Rosewood Baha Mar.

Facts about Rosewood Baha Mar

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $1250 (2 Adults)
  • Location of the Rosewood Baha Mar – Near Cable Beach
  • Distance from the Harbor – Eleven Kilometers

3. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar hotel is located in the country’s capital, Nassau. The hotel landscapes more than six open-air swimming pools, an isolated beach, a salon, and a fitness center.

In addition, the hotel also offers free internet access to all visitors. The hotel comprises an air conditioner and a bar. Moreover, it offers a shower, private restrooms, and hairdryers.

Other facilities include a small table, a security deposit case, and a laptop locker. Additionally, you can find several eateries, bars, and salons at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

The visitors can enjoy several activities in the surroundings. These include clothes shopping, playing golf, and casinos. In addition, the international airport at Nassau is just eight kilometers away from the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

Facts about Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $750 (2 Adults)
  • Location of the Rosewood Baha Mar – Baha Mar Blvd, Nassau
  • Distance from the Harbor – Ninety Kilometers (Fifty-Five Miles)

4. Sandals Royal Bahamian All Inclusive – (Only for Couples)

Sandals Royal Bahamian is only for couples. It is situated in the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, in the New Providence district. It is located at a distance of only nine kilometers from the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park. The hotel possesses a sun walkway and a remote beach area.

The visitors can relish a meal at the cafe or a beer at the bar for a relaxing evening. In addition, free Wi-Fi is accessible all over the resort, and free reserved parking. Each suite comes with a flat display television with available cable channels.

Furthermore, it also includes an iPod docking place. Several units also have relaxed seating spaces for the convenience of the visitors.

Some rooms provide sights of the ocean, swimming pool, or garden. All suites are furnished with a private restroom and toiletries. For your ease, you can also find robes and slippers. In addition to all these services, the hotel also offers free transport service, a salon, and a gift shop. Additionally, the international airport at Nassau is just seven kilometers away from the Sandals Royal Bahamian.

Facts about Sandals Royal Bahamian

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $700 (2 Adults)
  • Location of the Sandals Royal Bahamian – W Bay St, Nassau
  • Distance from the Harbor – One Kilometer

5. Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas – All Inclusive

Warwick Paradise Island is a four-star hotel only for adults on Paradise Island, Nassau, near Cabbage Beach. It boasts more than 200 guest rooms and an isolated beach.

In addition, the restaurant offers free Wi-Fi services throughout the resort. The hotel consists of 5 cafeterias and two minibars. The resort’s walkway is 10,000 square-foot long and is one of the most relaxing places in the hotel.

It oversees the ports across the harbor. Each suite at the hotel offers sights of Paradise Island. In addition, each room provides a mini-fridge. Moreover, the hotel only allows 16+ visitors with comprehensive rates that include meals thrice a day and snacks.

The drinks included in the rates are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The visitors can also relish the nightlife entertainment and gym. Additionally, the international airport at Nassau is just thirty minutes away from Warwick Paradise Island.

Facts about Warwick Paradise Island

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $450 (2 Adults)
  • Location of the Warwick Paradise Island – Harbour Dr, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Distance from the Harbor – Three Kilometers

6. The Cove at Atlantis

The biggest open-air swimming pool facility in Nassau, Bahamas, is located at The Cove at Atlantis Resort. The hotel is only accessible to adults and includes a private beach area. In addition, feasting and gaming opportunities are also accessible by adults. The rooms at the resort feature a reserved gallery with sights of the ocean.

Moreover, the hotel also provides a restroom made of marble, a flat-display cable television, and an iPod docking station. The resort also offers free unlimited local calls. The tourists can also enjoy free entrees at the Atlantis Movie Theatre and casinos.

In addition, the resort consists of more than 15 bars and 20 restaurants that provide a variety of eateries. Additionally, the international airport at Nassau is twenty-eight kilometers away from Atlantis Cove.

Facts about The Cove at Atlantis

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $350 (2 Adults)
  • Location of The Cove at Atlantis– Atlantis Bahamas
  • Distance from the Harbor – Four Kilometers

7. British Colonial Hilton Nassau

The British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel has a reserved beach and an uncovered swimming pool. The suites in the hotel come with 32-inch flat-display televisions. Each room at the hotel comprises a coffee maker and a refrigerator (The charges are included in the subtotal).

In addition, the rooms in the British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel are furnished with cable television and a private restroom. The visitors can spend quality time at the hammocks near the swimming pool.

Moreover, if you are looking for some activities, you can opt for swimming on the beach. The resort also offers a tour reception desk that provides the visitors with information on the surrounding areas.

The Hilton British Colonial Nassau is situated at a distance of five minutes’ drive from the adjacent casino for entertainment purposes. Additionally, the international airport at Nassau is just sixteen kilometers away from the British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel.

Facts about The British Colonial Hilton Nassau

  • Price Per Day – Starting from $200 (2 Adults)
  • Location of The British Colonial Hilton Nassau – One Bay St, Nassau
  • Distance from the Harbor – 22-minute drive

How Much Does A Family Vacation To The Bahamas Cost?

If you are looking forward to going for a vacation to Nassau, the Bahamas, with the family, it will cost you approximately $700 per day.

The cost mentioned above is an average cost for a family of four people (including kids). This cost includes lodge expenses, air tickets (return), food, and entertainment. However, it depends on the season you choose to visit the Bahamas. The months between October and March are expensive. However, the months between April and September are relatively cheap.

Additionally, during the off-season, the beaches and resorts in the Bahamas are less crowded than during the peak season. So, you can enjoy your stay at the luxury hotels in Nassau, Bahamas, for fewer costs.

Bramar Services in Nassau Bahamas

If you have planned your vacation to the Bahamas and are looking to stay in the Luxury Hotels in Nassau Bahamas, you can reach the Bramar services for the best and most reasonable prices.

However, you only need to check if the air tickets are available on the dates you wish to travel. The hotels and resorts mentioned above can be opted using the Bramar services at reasonable prices.


So, you can plan a trip to the Bahamas right now and choose any of the hotels discussed above. If you are looking to book a trip with any tour guides or trip advisers, you need to follow the proper protocols.

However, it would be best to check Bahamas travel updates before you depart. Moreover, you need to be sure to distinctly check if your resident country has any limitations to The Bahamas before you make a plan and book the air tickets.